Les Chapieux, Géographie d'un secret


[3 Days in Tharoul]

In spring 2015, I was invited by Fabrice Wagner (Le Caillou Bleu editions) to make a single copy book in 3 days, in Tharoul, Belgium, in a 18th century farm.
The project took place as follows: 1 day for shooting, 1 day for editing and printing, and finally 1 day for hand-binding the book.

Nothing was planned before reaching Tharoul. The photographs, the book design and concept, the text (written also in 1 day by Fanny Lambert), everything was decided and created locally, hour after hour, in the midst of a soft and warm atmosphere, to the sound of baroque music and crackling fire.

I chose to make the photographs only at dawn and dusk of the day.

As for the book, it remained in the farm.


Les Chapieux, Géographie d'un secret    

A huge thank you to Fabrice Wagner for the brilliant idea and unforgettable dishes, Philippe Malcorps for his hospitality, beers and his wonderful music, Pierre Liebaert for his gorgeous hand-binding work, Fanny Lambert for her text, and Sébastien, Amaury, Jacky, Patrizia, Thomas, Albert ... all the loved ones in Tharoul.