Una Notte, la Montagna è caduta

At the request of the French Tennis Federation, I immersed myself for three weeks in the singular world of the Roland Garros French Open, of which I knew almost nothing. Only one guideline was given to me: "photographing people".

I chose to explore the courts surroundings, bleachers, corridors, pits, TV studios, and thus to observe tournament employees, players on the courts, and public. All these lovers of tennis and its show could not doubt for a moment that I saw them as the most fascinating scene, embodying the tensions, silences and intensities that only best matches can give.

Exhausted bodies, faces abandoned to contemplation or concentration have drawn day after day the captivating picture of a fiery world.


` Una Notte, la Montagna è caduta

"ROLAND GARROS 2017 / Regards Croisés
Photography by Céline Clanet and Jérôme Bryon

Editions Cercle d'Art / Fédération Française de Tennis
29,5 x 24,5 cm
126 pages
ISBN 978-2-7022-1092-5