Una Notte, la Montagna è caduta

["One night, the Mountain has fallen down"]

I can picture the night of October 9,1963, at 10.38pm. A clear full moon night, shining over the waters of the Vajont Dam, and a deep silence covering the valley.
I cannot picture the insane violence that occurred right after. Reading testimonials of survivors – trying to tell the landslide noise, how they were thrown in the air before the tsunami’s impact, and losing their whole family in the space of a few seconds, buried forever – my mind balks, unable to consider the madness of an event whose closest experience would certainly be that of the end of the world.

I couldn’t document anything while in Vajont. Photography would only find its way through fiction, chasing visual elements that would compose a tale that I could possibly understand.

- - -

This ongoing series is part of the collective Calamita/à project curated by Gianpaolo Arena and Marina Caneve, aiming to investigate the Vajont catastrophy that happened in 1963 in the Dolomites mountains, Italy, killing 2000 people.




"The Walking Mountain"
Collective book
Curated by Gianpaolo Arena & Marina Caneve

Design by Sybren Kuiper - SYB -

Self-published by CALAMITA/À, 2016
23 x 32 cm
ISBN 978-88-907650-6-3